We can ensure that contract work is prepared and structured in such a way as to ensure it falls outside the IR35 rules

The following is an overview of the important points in establishing the status of the work outside of IR35

Limited company

Our services are provided through Cactusoft Limited, a company established in England and Wales in 1998 and operating continuously since in the field of IT services.


Would provide contract services on the basis of no more than an average of 3 days per month on-site. Most development work can be performed remotely, with on-site presence only when required for meetings, installation, training or other tasks which can best be performed in-person.


Computers, laptops, software used for the development would be selected and purchased solely by Cactusoft Limited for use by its employees.


We can ensure that a suitable substitute who is also a full-time employee of Cactusoft Limited is available with equivalent experience and qualifications such that the primary contractor could be replaced on a permanent or intermittent basis as required due to ill-health or any other reason.

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