User Manuals & Online Documentation

Businesses often commit significant resources to developing software and systems, but providing good documentation to users for those systems is often overlooked. Often employees or customers are provided with no documentation at all, or a hastily prepared Word document or PDF file.

We've had many years experience producing complex ecommerce software for our customers. Good documentation greatly reduces technical support requests from users, saving their time and ours.

Creating and Editing Documentation

We use which provides an intuitive interface to create and edit content

  • a "WYSIWYG" editor similar to a word processor for editing blocks of text
  • a familiar tree structure keeps documentation organized
  • styles are preconfigured so editors can concentrate on creating and structuring content, with layout and heading sizes handled automatically
  • work on new versions of sections without affecting live content. Push changes live when complete.
  • multiple user accounts can access a document (with permission of owner). The burden of documentation can be shared by those with specialist knowledge of different areas.
  • the system is web-based, so editors can create and edit content on PCs, Apple Macintosh, tablets, and virtually any device with a modern web browser.
Tome Screen Shot

Editing a section on Tome.Host. The bar on the left provides quick access to functionality.

User Experience produces visually attractive documentation that makes it easy for users to find the information they need.

  • documentation is structured into sections, subsections, and further
  • on full sized screens an expandable index is present on the left hand side, making navigation easier. On mobile devices it is toggled in/out
  • the latest published version is always available to all users. No more issues with making sure everyone has the latest PDF document
  • Specific sections or the entire document can be printed if required
  • The "look and feel" of documents can be customized to match corporate colors, logos, fonts and other styles.
Context sensitive help - this software embeds help buttons that pop-up the relevant section of a Tome.Host user manual.

Context sensitive help - this software embeds help buttons that pop-up the relevant section of a Tome.Host user manual.

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