Avoid coronavirus shutdowns by moving sales and internal systems online

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Avoid coronavirus shutdowns by moving sales and internal systems online
The cororona virus has caused unprecedented disruption to everyday life as well as the economy. With businesses deemed "non-essential" forced to close their premises the internet can provide a lifeline.

Moving aspects of your business online can keep sales flowing, keep employees productive and ensure customers remain customers until things return to normal.

Sell online

Restaurants and bars have been forced to close to prevent the spread of the virus but its still legal in most places to sell food for delivery or collection. Other retail businesses that normally rely on customers visiting their physical location can also benefit from putting their products online and giving customers the option to have them delivered, or to collect from the store (if permitted by local laws).

Its surprisingly quick to setup an online store. Services like Paypal provide very quick activation times for businesses (1-2 days) so a store could be up and running within a few days.

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Move existing databases online

If your business has computer systems that can only be accessed while on the premises, then it may be possible to create a web interface to these so that they can be accessed remotely by staff. We specialize in Microsoft systems (MS SQL Server, MS Windows) - the platform that most small businesses run. Once a web interface has been created this can be accessed by any modern web browser, so employees can access from Windows, Mac OS, and even via their smart phone on Android or IOS.

Security can be ensured by using strong encryption, secure certificates (users see padlock in browser) and optionally a VPN (virtual private network).

Create new online systems

Processes that might have worked perfectly on premises might not work so well with employees working remotely from home. We can create new database systems that can be tailored exactly to the new working environment - helping employees remain productive.

Find out more about our custom software development.

Move other systems to "the Cloud"

We've run our business systems online for over 15 years. We can advise on moving to a web-based phone system, with complex call routing rules, voicemails sent as emails and direct dial numbers for all employees. Employees don't require any special hardware to use a virtual phone system - they can install a "soft phone" on their PC or Smart Phone to answer and make calls from anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Get in Touch

These times present unprecedented problems for businesses. We'd love to be able to help you. Please use the form below to contact us. If you'd like to chat let us know a number and preferred time and we'll give you a call.


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