We work with a wide range of technologies, and apply a software development approach to everything we build

We have a track record of building successful web sites, on time and on budget

We understand software security and performance, and the product aspects. But more than anything else, we've refined a process and methodology that lets us organize our development, ensuring we deliver what we promise, on time and on budget.

We use online task and bug management software to track all items of a web site build. This lets us break down each feature or modification, assign a developer and track progress. We can grant customers direct access, so they can oversee progress, add notes and sign off items that are complete. Without such organization, projects can quickly descend into a flood of round-robin emails and lose focus.

Coming from a software development background, we're always surprised at just how few web designers use source control software. For anything but the simplest one-man projects, it's essential.

We use source control software to manage the web site code during development and beyond. This lets multiple developers (even from multiple locations) work on the code without overwriting each other's work. Each file change is retained, so we can roll back changes, view a file history and keep back-ups of all work. When it comes to build a 'version 2', we can fork the web site code, creating a new version to work on while keeping the present one going for bug fixes and support.

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