Dedicated user guide documentation systems based on technology. is a SaaS platform we created for building complex user guide and technical manual documentation. The same technology can power your own private hosted tome system.

Cloud not for you?

Rather than explain everything can do, just see for your yourself. It's free to sign up and setup public-facing documentation in minutes.

Hosting on the cloud is not for everyone. Some companies need the assurance of running systems in house; others need to protect their systems with VPNs or wish to control when and what upgrades are deployed. A private tome installation can address these concerns.

The software can be installed on your own Windows server or an existing VPS, or we can provide a suitable VPS of which you and your IT staff will have full control.

Benefits include:

  • Full control over your installation; control access through IIS (by IP or alternative authentication methods).
  • Decide which software upgrades you want and when. Typically you can choose a stable version that has been deployed to the cloud version for some weeks, to minimize any stability issues.
  • Full control over the branding of the site you present to end users, including custom logos, no 'powered by' links, custom colours, fonts and other cosmetic features.
  • For an additional fee, source code escrow can be arranged.

Contact us for further details.

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