We build fully-customized e-commerce sites based on Kartris. We know Kartris inside out because we wrote it.

Kartris is an open-source, ASP.NET e-commerce platform developed by Cactusoft. It's designed to handle huge catalogues of well over 1,000,000 SKUs where most widely available packages will grind to a halt.

The Foundation responsive framework is now fully-integrated, so your site can be accessible via mobile and tablet devices, as well as via desktop computers. There are various optimizations for small screens and touch devices, including alternative menu layouts which automatically kick in.

The software can handle unlimited languages and currencies.

Existing data can be imported via the Kartris Data Tool, a standalone piece of software which can pull in data from spreadsheets or older Cactusoft e-commerce software.

Most web developers using an off-the-shelf package simply won't know it in the depth required to redesign important parts of it. If you need something it doesn't offer, you face being talked out of it, or being given promises that might not be delivered. Because we wrote Kartris, we know it inside out. We can do virtually anything with it, or make any modifications you might require.

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