Examples of our work

The Massey Partnership

PR Agency, London, UK

Cactusoft first designed a website for The Massey Partnership in 1998. The present incarnation features an integrated blog and directory of clients. Information on the site can easily be updated by The Massey Partnership's staff via a password-protected back end system.

The latest version makes full use of the stunning photography produced by The Massey Partnership's clients as a back drop to the site. The background images as added to a pool, with most pages using an appropriate random image from the pool.


Massey Partnership Screenshot

Kilimanjaro Aviation

Aviation Logistics, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Aviation is affiliated to Universal Aviation and Weather Inc.

The website is implemented using WCF (Windows Communications Foundation), as requested by the client. The backend runs as a web service, which is called by various systems that form the visible website. This enables the backend to site behind a corporate firewall if required.

The site features an interactive map of Africa, that displays basic information about the countries served when the user hovers over it. Country profiles are stored in a database and updateable by the client via a password protected secure backend system.


Kilimanjaro Aviation Screenshot

Hugo Fox

Advertising, Hampshire, UK

The website offers customers classified advertising for cars, jobs, business services, events and community listings.

Behind the scenes the site runs numerous automatic imports that pull in data from third party sources to populate the cars and jobs listings.


HugoFox Screenshot

All Cruise Line Jobs

Recruitment, Dubai, UAE

The site is based on Cactusoft's Parodia job board software, modified to cover the complex job category classifications in the client's industry.

It features a responsive interface to facilitate viewing on a mobile phone and other small screen devices. Cactusoft also produced an Android app that is available in the Google App Store.


All Cruise Line Jobs Screenshot

Cut Plastic

Sheet Plastic, Merseyside, UK

Based on Cactusoft's Kartris open source ecommerce software, the site makes use of custom Kartris functionality that enables customers to specify custom choices of materials and sizes.


Cut Plastic Screenshot

Internet Jobs Network

Recruitment, Bristol, UK

This is just one of a number of websites forming part of a network of sites. Cactusoft's Parodia job board software enables the creation of job board networks of numerous sites all powered and administered by a single install of the software. The sites in the network automatically post vacancies to various twitter feeds.


DV Cleared Jobs Screenshot


Ecommerce, Manchester, UK

Built on Cactusoft's Kartris open source ecommerce software, the site provides an online outlet for an existing family retail business.


Bambersew Screenshot
Massey Partnership Screenshot
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All Cruise Line Jobs
Cut Plastic
DV Cleared Jobs
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