We have over 19 years experience building great web sites. We know what works and how to make it happen.

We use Microsoft technologies and open standards to build attractive, powerful web sites that are scalable as your business grows

Back in February 1998, the web was a very different place. Browsers were rather basic, and there were few, if any packaged web applications.

Cactusoft started out designing web sites, but very quickly we found the software we developed in house being requested by other developers. And so we created our e-commerce and recruitment database packages. From the early days, we've been software developers as well as web designers - and this shapes the way we work.

We've never settled for the status quo.

We wrote our own e-commerce shopping cart back in the 90s because we simply didn't find anything that worked as we felt it should. We developed things such as skinning based on HTML templates long before these came to be standard features of frameworks like ASP.NET.

We've been lucky enough to work with customers all over the world, including major projects in the US and Europe.

We're not just a typical web design company. We have a depth of software development experience and technical skills that we've acquired over many years of building complicated, database-driven web applications for all kinds of industries. We know the importance of security and we have a full understanding of common vulnerabilities and how to design them out of the system.

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